Oh the continuing ironies of all of this hey, so many took the dart of much poison so they could have their holiday, yep, they risked an experimental untested gene therapy because all they could think about was the sun, sand, booze and sex…

Yes, we’ve all experienced difficult times I know, some more than others, but hell, and that’s such an apt word in so many ways right now, if you are prepared to risk your health and take this stuff when the chances of dying from the so called virus ie. enhanced flu, are 0.03% and when it’s widely known that the makers of this stuff will accept no liability whatsoever by law, if you will do that so you can get away then so very very sadly many will come to know how wrong that was and how much our lives need and indeed HAVE to change!

The said irony right now is that it’s pretty much looking like YOU who took this will be the very ones NOT allowed to fly because it may actually KILL you and those of us who tried so desperately to warn you to so much abuse and criticism, we, by rights, and those are disappearing daily again as we warned and shouted out about, we should be permitted to fly in the future…

I am far from gloating, I am very sad about all this, it’s beyond tragic but many many lessons HAVE to be learned and hopefully those so hard teachings will eventually bear much fruit, here’s hoping!

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