(Big thanks to Ben Emlyn-Jones for the provision of his podcast platform)

22nd December 2022 – SHOW NO 1

SPECIAL GUEST is Melanie Pledger

A beautiful awake soul who is very close to nature and after life trauma came to a new innerstanding of this reality and a new love for herself, we all have a choice to either be beaten into the ground with what life throws at us, or we can fly into the sky and overcome it with love and forgiveness…

I first came across Melanie properly when she rescued a tiny baby half dead squirrel in her garden and spent 5 weeks nursing this gorgeous creature, ‘Sammy’, back to health with regular video diaries for us squirrels lovers to revel over and what started off as the saving of a squirrel ultimately led to a re-saving of herself, it’s a truly beautiful story that Melanie will tell on this show and much more fascinating stuff!


The positive decoding of the number 33, the importance of human kindness and kindman, the pagan origins of ‘christmas’ and wise words from MANLY P HALL on the fundamental principle of spiritual law.

24th December 2022 – SHOW NO 2


Alan runs COWL radio, an alternative station focussing on solutions and a better way of thinking, based in Ireland and works hard producing a weekly show on Sunday evenings from 7pm at he also does a lot of work helping others including running a listeners donation service for local needy people including foodbanks and animal rescue centres, he is a bright light in the alternative world who as well as shedding light on the darkness, actually provides solutions too, great work by a good man and we discuss all these things during the show and I hope to be a guest on his show sometime in February this year!


Vital information, that was actually aired on Alan’s COWL station recently, from a Dr Ed, who is a renowned doctor with many credentials, world-known for his research on the root cause of disease and his Global Healing Center which earned recognition as one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world. Dr. Group is a truthseeker, survivalist, veteran of the United States Army, and an alumni of both Harvard and MIT business schools and talks here about a life saving FREE process, readily and instantly available and tailored specifically to each individual to renew their DNA and bring them back to ultimate health. This is KEY information during these times that is essential to share as far and wide as we can. The protocol includes and highlights Water Fasting and UT, two things I personally have practiced and proved to be viable in optimising our health, this is probably one of the best interviews I have ever listened to that resonated more than any others before, A TOTAL MUST LISTEN in my view!

26th December 2022 – SHOW NO 3


Ben is my long-term friend from back in the Critical Mass Radio days in 2012 when we were colleagues at the alternative radio station based in Manchester. We have since become good friends both speaking on each other’s platforms regularly and Ben now syndicates my show on his HPANWO platform. On this show we have one of our usual full of information and views lively chats that I hope you will enjoy!


A 2 part recent interview that MICHAEL FEELEY did on the ATLANTIC UNDERGROUND PODCAST platform just before Christmas which informs, in the wonderful and humble way Michael delivers, his depth of knowledge of what he believes the TRUE REALITY of this world to be, he completely resonates with me and I hope he will also with you, also, more on the acts of human kindness, the symbolism of the number 77 and I play a snippit from one of Katie Hopkins videos that usually leaves us all in stitches as she sums up the crazy world we live in, never more so, in her usual hilarious piss taking way that gives us all the laughs and giggles that we need to take us through these times!

28th December 2022 – SHOW 4

SPECIAL GUESTS are ALI WOOD and Lisa Simpson

Well, when us three ladies get together, a real trinity is formed and we could natter for England no problems haha… Filled with our thoughts and aspirations for these times, lots of laughs and Lisa S as always providing us with so much information on the codes and numbers that seem to come to her from everywhere, interesting stuff!


Bit more Katie Hopkins and more acts of human kindness and knowing.

29th December 2022 – SHOW 5

SPECIAL GUEST is GEORGE SANDHU Cry Freedom Show- Programme 55 (New Show 42) | Spreaker

George has been on a few of my shows now and indeed on others out in the alternative world, he was very nervous at the start about doing it, with no reason, as his vast knowledge and hands on experience of all things spiritual and plant growing is extensive and he’s learnt by actually doing it, he is truly at the forefront of this new world, he is showing by doing and by taking the path that is needed for us all, thank you George for your continued contributions to our species and for all you do to help highlight the plight of our children, something all the men in the world should be fighting right now, with as much passion as they show for the game of football! 😉 #justsaying


Robert Sepehr talking all about reincarnation and more Katie Hopkins.

31st December 2022 – SHOW 6


A New Years Eve special extended 5 hour show featuring the most wonderful audio adaptation of an extraordinary play that was done as a movie in both the 30’s and the 70’s and in my view this audio play version outstands them all, a mysterious story based in Tibet at a place beyond places called Shangri-La, a place of outstanding natural beauty where people seemingly live beyond our mad world of rush, hate, war and materialism, to an extremely old age, it is, for those who know and see, an absolute utopia! In my mind this very much symbolises a world beyond a world we can reach when we ‘do the right and kind things’ something we are so very much at I now believe in this reality, a fascinating listen that I hope you’ll all enjoy!


A 3rd catch-up with my new friends IAN & SUE WELCH at their farm down in Cornwall. Ian very much featured on the Mark Attwood Show last year talking all about the age we are now entering, THE GOLDEN AGE! This is a time of choice for us all, about whether we fall into a pit or rise up above, just like the JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL story I played in my 3rd show in this series, I had a lovely chat with both Ian and Sue and quite a few giggles as well!

And LESLEY McVITTY gives us a little tarot reading for the end of the year and the start of the new and after initial chaos, it’s all good, well worth a listen!

And… a bit more Katie Hopkins!

1st January 2023 – SHOW NO 7


After giving us that beautiful tarot card reading at the end of the last show, I now play on this show, the whole of my chat with wonderful Lesley, coming from a spiritual and knowing place of codes and numbers and signs, the things we all start to notice when we begin to uplift ourselves from the borne down matrix mushroom existence, it is so amazing to speak with all these like minded souls who now seem to be connecting like never before, as the new world is formed, still some chaos to ensue but the other side will so be worth it for ourselves and all to come! Apologies the soundtrack is not as good as usual for this chat due to feedback issues and also, very charmingly, a snoring doggie in the background, nothing that deters too much though from a lovely chat with a lovely lady!


Yep you guessed it, more Katie Hopkins talking a little more seriously, well just a little haha, about the world we live in and the need to see and stand up for what WE want within it, and an interesting little feature about the morse code that was hidden in a Colombian pop song to alert hostages and aid their escape and again showing us in many ways how many codes and symbols are hidden in the plain sight of this 3D world!, also an equally interesting mention of a BBC headline (again so many codes and messages in the so called ‘news’) about a WALRUS that was beached for a while in Scarborough who was named THOR, a 3D story I believe has much to tell us when we read between the many lines!

AND that was it, that was a rap after 9 days and 7 shows, a marathon, I am not sure quite the reason for which I did, but just know that it was meant to and although hard, painstaking work over Christmas as I did little else, I enjoyed every minute of it and am so grateful to have risen to the challenge!

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved in supporting that, to my beautiful wonderful friends and guests, I am honoured to know you all with your wealth’s of information, knowledge and indeed love for us all and our future, and to all who listened and found their way to us in the CHATROOM, we had much laughs and a great atmosphere to boot! This is about uniting like NEVER before and I hope my small part helps us all to really MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE!

I shall be taking a radio break until next month whilst I look into and partake far more in UT and Water Fasting to show a way forward that will become never more necessary as the apparent ‘health’ service collapses around us, and read all the things I’ve not yet managed 😉

MUCH LOVE ALWAYS TO YOU ALL and in the words of my late doggie, ARNIE, who features on my radio station logo, I WILL BE BACK…  HAPPY NEW WORLD to you all!

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