DR JORDAN PETERSON: Truths vs lies

First blog for quite a while guys, been far too busy with the show but given I have awarded myself a well deserved break next week, I figured another short blog was of the order 😉

I’ve been aware of Dr Jordan Peterson for some years now, probably around 6 or so! I started playing clips of his talks and conversations back in around 2018 whilst homeless, working on farms and putting together my CRY FREEDOM SHOW BACK TO BASICS series, at that time he felt like an integral part and his musings of wisdom undoubtedly helped me through a not so good time in my life but also at a time that was in many ways the greatest adventure and interaction with pure nature I have ever had!

Since this time Dr Peterson himself has been through what appears the greatest trauma and challenge of HIS life, facing up to and dealing with his addiction to pHARMaceutical poisons…

It is therefore somewhat frustrating to hear, from his own tweets, that he is now, apparently, double jabbed with even greater poisons, as it would have been hoped that a man of such obvious intellect, compassion and care who had already been through such horror at the hands of big pHARMa, would have seriously been against trusting these greedy evil corpserations enough to take this untested, experimental, life taking and injuring rubbish into himself…


But since the majority of this existence appears to be illusion, smoke and mirrors, who knows the truth of any real thing in honesty!

He’s ‘had covid’ apparently and therefore with the so mislead and death of common sense thinking that somehow the ‘more vulnerable’ in our society should be the first in line to take this crap, he has, it would appear, opted to do just that…

That disappointing bit aside, he IS however speaking out quite loudly about the well and covertly thought out and manipulated freedom-taking-away control strategy currently being implemented by those things we know have anything but our best interests at non-existent hearts…


‘Not only can the Minister now do anything but he can compel you to do anything. I’d rather face covid (which I’ve already had and been vaccinated for twice) than this government edict…’

‘You think we should all ignore the risk over-reaching government poses to our rights for an illness with a 2% hospitalization rate (much decreased if you’re not elderly)’

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