My first blog on new platform :o) and given that I’m still banned from speaking truths on FB for another 17 days, it’s real good to have another outlet to spew on lol!  So I got my head down at the minute putting this site together, focussing on all the design stuff for now then gotta tackle getting all the studio radio software, etc installed and up and running, it’s taken me a few frustrating hours to get used to a new way to do all this website stuff since my last platform couple of years ago and I’m guessing the radio software bit is gonna be even more taxing BUT I never give up and hey who knows I may even be pleasantly surprised haha… Currently aiming to have it all ready to go sometime in July so watch the spaces guys, I first started all this stuff back in late 2011/early 2012 and it felt important then but I have to now say I have NEVER felt the need more than now as so many more people have seen the light and embarked on this alternative journey…  This is not going to be a channel of well known ‘truthers’ telling you stuff  they have in the past, no, this platform is going to be for us, the normal on the ground guy, who sees the absolute need for so many changes in such a crazy world.  I just watched the latest AND WE KNOW video from today and an interviewer out asking folk on the streets in the US why they are still wearing muzzles even after taking the poison darts… The answers truly highlighted some of the mentalities we are dealing with in these times.  One guy spent minutes thinking then said no comment lol, a girl says she wears it coz all her friends do and she won’t stop til they do, another woman said she’d had two jabs, has had covid but still won’t take her muzzle off in protest against all those who refused to wear one (yeah really!) and someone else admitted it was purely down to peer pressure and being too embarrassed to be different…
Depressing stuff I know but as ever, we have to face truths, one being that some folk actually are this stupid and programmed.  Still many many things ARE changing and every day more seems to get revealed, all things crossed we are on track for a full revealing of what this world has been and that this is now a game being played out to SHOW THE PEOPLE the truths!
I won’t give up until that fat lady sings and hopefully my small efforts on this site will help and aid this along, in addition to the many many others trying to do the same thing :o)
Any suggestions/requests for future shows please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at…
or alternatively leave a comment in the chatroom on the second page.
Thanks for reading, much love as always, Lisa xxx

PS It’s not by coincidence that I used a tree frog for my page banner here, think DARTS OF POISON!!! Plus I do think they’re kinda cute lol…

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