So here’s the question, how many actually believe these so called ‘heads of state’ or however they are referred to, are actually sitting in some room somewhere discussing our future fates?


I have no proof but I am pretty certain that all decisions regarding the latest set of controls put upon humanity are not being made by a group of media puppets sitting in a room somewhere in Cornwall, you truly really believe that?

Yeah right…

Below is a video taken from FB so apologies to anyone who does not have an account and therefore will not be able to access it, it shows a guy walking around the apparent G7 venue where all these people are allegedly gathered, filming the fact there is not only no way into the area whatsoever but it is completely screened off so essentially there is no visual proof at all that these ‘people’ are in there discussing us!

This is not how this controlled environment is run, many of us see this now, we’re just waiting for the rest to catch up…


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