AND so yes, all these rich and powerful beings taking their private planes over to little ole WALL OF CORN to talk about sustainability and how many more darts of poison they’re gonna push upon us, you have to smile the wryest smile right because as many of us now see, just about EVERYTHING in this existence called PLANET EARTH is a complete and utter inversion of what is actually true, this is why I am so shocked at times when some people see some of the in plain sight truths but choose to ignore the others, quite frankly it would not be far wrong to say that EVERY SINGLE THING you are told by anything remotely mainstream is gonna be the total opposite of what is actually the truth, FLAT EARTH and HITLER to name but two and I don’t plan on starting the debate on either of those two at this point, let’s just say it’s a plate of grub for thought!

So yes the contradictions in plain sight, the good ole chaps gathered right now in ST IVES had a bit of a do last night, first off we see them all intermingling together with no masks or social distancing to be seen, next minute they are all sitting many feet away from each other for a photo shoot but, in the words of the late and great George Carlin, nobody seems to notice, no body seems to care! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atxbnLxd-ik

“Are you supposed to be looking as if you are enjoying yourselves?” muses her apparent majesty, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-57447066 “yes definitely” pipes up the strawman BoJo, “we have been enjoying ourselves inspite of appearances” hmmm, now there’s an interesting comment huh, will leave you all to ponder on that one some more ;o) One thing we do know with certainty is that NOTHING is left to chance, all things are planned and scripted down to that final crossing of the T!

Keep smiling troopers, we have no choice but to carry on fighting…

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