D Day? (Eclipse Special)


Who knows, it’s a day of an apparent MAJOR ECLIPSE, that I’m guessing was always scripted?  Many of us believe the weather within this ‘place’ is very much controlled… are the so called ‘eclipses’ too?

I don’t know…
I do know it’s very relevant right now, be it natural or not, and the fact that it’s always known exactly when these ‘natural’ events are going to take place, very much in advance, begs the obvious question, HOW DO ‘THEY’ WHO SEEMINGLY RUN AND CONTROL US, KNOW?

As with so many things in this reality, it often comes down to NUMBERS!

Anyways… many are getting very hyped about it and are forever lost in the never-ending white noise.  Myself not, as you will hear in a chat that my friend and show collaborator, ALAN JAMES who runs CIRCLE OF WHITE LIGHT RADIO/TV did TODAY on this so called epic day!

ECLIPSE SPECIAL with Alan & Lisa: 8th April 2024

CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE FOR THE VIDEO - A chat with ALAN JAMES, CIRCLE OF WHITE LIGHT TV/RADIO on the day of the much publicised ECLIPSE, our musings on possible events and meanings, both negative and positive, to be either shown or not, over it would seem, the next forty days and forty nights!

For me, this is a time of MASSIVE revealing but also of much reflection, and of the most important this, CHOICES!

If you are watching and seeing, there is more and more and more being let out in plain sight, every single day right now… the slow pill perhaps, just today there was a headline about the ‘GUARD SWAPPING’ between FRANCE and the UK…


(Please CLICK on the picture to see the article)

Again, for myself, yet another marker of BIG POWER CHANGES announced on the day of this apparent big ‘DARK PATH’ eclipse, my personal view is that it very often comes down to the energy YOU give any single thing and so, for me, today is a day of celebration of a NEW START for those who see and ger the need… that’s where I’m at and where I’m staying!

So here’s to a NEW US, a NEW WORLD and a NEW HUMANITY, that will be worth so much more than it has been…

Whatever this is, let’s do it TOGETHER and with COMPASSION and CARE xxx

THE GOOD RESET... for us!

We cannot rely on any saviour for this to happen, we have to do it for ourselves, but we cannot allow ourselves to see and listen to those promoting all the things that we have so lost, for this to happen we have to leave a system, never designed for us, behind, and return to many ways that truly did serve us... many will find this beyond difficult, many will simply refuse to do it and will have to be left behind with a control system that never served us... as with all things it comes down to that choice thing once again, make the right one 💪💞


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