The Cry Freedom Show With Lisa

This radio station is my contribution to the new age this existence is entering where we all need to work together in every way to create that new world that benefits all of us and NOT the people who have been controlling us for so long, we therefore all need to mature to people that can make this happen by interacting and sharing with one another and so lies the reason I do this, onwards dear warriors with peace and pure love in our hearts xxx

Tribute to Simon Cowell WAF 🙏

SIMON COWELL MBE, CEO OF WILDLIFE AID FOUNDATION, SURREY🙏🙏🙏REST IN PEACE GOOD AND KIND MAN🙏🙏🙏19th April 1952-9th June 2024 THE CRY FREEDOM TRIBUTE TO SIMON COWELL I have followed the work of SIMON COWELL for many years now, I think I first came across him when I was tirelessly trying to raise awareness about what …

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