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OK, so I know many people who have taken ‘RED PILLS‘ in varying degrees, simply refuse to watch anything classed as ‘MAINSTREAM‘ viewing because of the subliminal programming and indoctrinations that go on behind the scenes, I GET IT

That was ME around 2012… 

But then, around 8 YEARS AGO, I started to see things a bit differently.

It was round this time that I came into contact, via social media, with a few people who had started to observe things a bit more ‘FROM ABOVE‘. 

The AUDIO BOOK written by RICHARD BACH, entitled JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL says much regarding thinking OUTSIDE OF BOXES and separating yourself FROM THE CROWD, to rise above the usual laid out notions of what this ‘REALITY‘ really is…


CLICK ON THE PICTURE (left) TO SEE THE MOVIE TRAILER ON YOUTUBE! Eric is a six-part British psychological thriller television miniseries created for the streaming service Netflix, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a distraught puppeteer whose young son goes missing in 1980s New York City. The script was written by Abi Morgan with Lucy Forbes directing and Holly Pullinger producing the series. The series was released on 30 May 2024.


So, I began to look at all things from many different perspectives and not just the what is called ‘3D‘, basic interpretation and appearance of things.

It’s like looking at the old ONION thing, something that has many layers, or the RUSSIAN DOLLS, and one of the stark examples of this, is the way we see the so called MAINSTREAMNEWS‘. For many years when I was a child, my mother was fixated on the daily ‘news’ bulletins, she would watch it 3 or so times a day and take it all literally and as truth, the programming of ‘IF IT’S ON THE TV IT MUST BE TRUE’!’ My parents were though, it must be said, far more open minded and free thinking than most of the ‘ADULTS‘ around me, never being ROYALISTS or followers of MAN MADE RELIGIONS, my Dad took us all out to our local park the day of the CHARLES AND DIANA WEDDING, back in ’81 when I was just 15, to get away from all the street parties and nauseating subservience stuff he could not stand! At the time I remember being somewhat miffed because I wanted to ‘see her dress’, which was somewhat of a let down anyway lol, these days I am so so grateful for that early start of seeing things as an OUTSIDE BOX BLACK SHEEP instead of a white one! I also remember my parents telling our primary school they did not want us to be in the NATIVITY PLAYS because of their beliefs, so I did start black sheeping pretty early on, much to my then horror of the dreaded BEING DIFFERENT 😉

I shall be getting onto the ERIC MINISERIES in question very soon, but first to mention another movie that very much shattered the brainwashing programmes for me… WAG THE DOG! (click on the images below for the FULL MOVIE (left) and the TRAILER (right), that if you’ve not already watched… you REALLY NEED TO!) It depicts the apparent story of a US president needing some distraction event to take attention away from his own bad publicity just before an upcoming election, who then enlists the help of a ‘FIX IT‘ guy (De Niro) who in turn asks a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE DIRECTOR (Hoffman) to direct and create a FALSE VISUAL NARRATIVE of a WAR that is NOT actually taking place, to gain popularity again from the masses, and THIS is something that far more people have started to see about what the reality is, how the fake narrative works and how this system has NEVER been for the pawns but only for those who run it, to pander to their egos, greed, debauchery and worse…

AND SO… (yes I know we’re not supposed to start sentences with the ‘and’ word but I’ve always been a rebel 😂) 
The last FOUR AND A HALF YEARS have shown, it seems never more so, how this reality seems to really work and we are led to believe we are in times of APOCALYPSE, the REVEALING and UNVEILING of all things, and for those with eyes open, boy have we seen this full on! The TOTAL INDOCTRINATION (click on picture on the right for documentary) and FALSE MANIPULATION of the masses, with regards to the actual true seriousness of a so called covid pandemic and the actual shocking evil that was done in order to get most to think it was real, is hard for most to accept, but the evidence IS irrefutable, and now it seems, they are trying to bring a BIRD FLU vaccine upon those still un-awake enough to take it!,7036063295002753a 

Many believe this had to be done in order to finally OPEN THE EYES of the many in ways like never before, else our species would be doomed… It could well still be but at least many more now SEE and the ball has started rolling and cannot be stopped. The CATALYSTS (about the MESSAGES and NOT the MESSENGER!) of Q and TRUMP, no matter how you see them, have done much to get people to be more analytical away from MAINSTREAM, in my view, and we have to be grateful for this and see the reasons for it…


As with all things, there are very mixed reviews and thoughts on the ERIC miniseries, starring BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

Personally I always love his films and this one is no exception, essentially it shows the worst sides of this world regarding people and systems and why they are NOT WORKING! Also, because of said selfish and egotistical choices, it shows the absolute CORRUPTION of those who attempt to control this world and how that corruption cascades down and creates a world that never serves us, it shows how so called concrete, brightly lit SMART CITIES are anything but that, and why we HAVE to FIGHT every step of the way to try to get back to a purer and better WAY OF LIFE that NURTURES rather than destroying. It TOTALLY highlights the CHOICES each and every one of us make, every day, about whether to do the RIGHT thing or the WRONG thing, and how these choices have MASSIVE IMPACT on all those closely around us… How because of all the WRONG CHOICES, we become addicted and hooked on ANESTHETICS and CRUTCHES because deep inside we know we do not DO OUR BEST

It shows VERY CLEARLY how wounded people that are traumatised from childhood events, very often brought about because of their parents, HAVE to HEAL THEMSELVES if they are not to go on and do the same to their own children!

The BOTTOM LINE is that it basically shows that… NOT MANY OF US ARE REALLY HAPPY LIVING THIS CREATED, PROGRAMMED EXISTENCE and that IT TRULY IS TIME FOR CHANGE! …and for all these reasons, I highly recommend ERIC, THE MINISERIES when you can WATCH IT FROM ABOVE, and see it’s much needed MESSAGES at never a MORE IMPORTANT TIME🙏 


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