Two Heads, Same Snake!

You know there was a time, many many many moons ago, when I used to cast a vote in elections because I did believe it ‘MADE A DIFFERENCE!’ 


My dear departed Mum thought it did and was a LABOUR PARTY MEMBER and CAMPAIGNER for many years, she also collected signatures for CND and more, she did it from belief and pure and kindest heart, which is always good energy, but to a large extent wasted in this dark web of deceits and deceptions, in a reality where the majority of the huge amount of honest earnings taken from us, never sees the light of day, and in these times where it is near impossible for anyone to survive given the beyond crazy ‘COSTS OF MERELY SCRAPING A LIVING‘.

The ‘WORKING CLASS‘, ha, they got that right and thank the universe I don’t have to do it at this moment… I am grateful for that 🙏 and feel for all those who do have to, if you have children and a family then you are pretty much trapped in the ‘SYSTEM OF SLAVES‘ I’m afraid, because that is the way it works and is meant to, as we are TAXED over and over and over again…

RED or BLUE, same snake, different heads, it makes no difference, it’s all about POWER, CONTROL and GREEDY EGO that is never for us… and perhaps, to some degree, it’s also about humanity seeing the need to GROW UP!  Some believe that all the key positions in the system are actually filled by ‘ALIENS‘ in disguise, which also may well be true but, of course, I have no actual hard evidence of that 😉 In the end it doesn’t really matter what species is doing it, it’s happening and has been for quite some time and until most people are responsible and mature enough to FACE THE TRUE FACTS, then OUR species will continue to suffer…  If this all is one great BIG LEARNING EXPERIENCE and CYCLE, then the last FOUR YEARS have revealed those FACTS like never before and we’re now at that stage where the CHOICES WE MAKE have NEVER EVER been more important, the first one has to be TAKING THE RED PILLS, which is what I learnt some 17 odd years ago now, it’s hard at first, but it does get easier and a necessity!

…and so, for me at least, it has been a choice NOT to partake in any of it for a couple of decades, because quite honestly, there IS nothing to vote for… that said, perhaps we should be… VOTING FOR OURSELVES!!!


CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF KATIE FOR THE VIDEO: Love or Hate her, this is KATIE HOPKINS saying how it is, one of the main reasons so many are now coming to respect and like her... Yes, I know all the arguments against, I get regular comments underneath my posts about it, the usual 'controlled opposition' accusation stuff that I've been hearing for over a decade now. I'm not saying it may not be true, it may well, what I am saying is that NONE OF US REALLY KNOW! Yeah, people can surmise it, given the never-ending paranoia we go through because of what is continually thrown at us, but how many can categorically PROVE IT! Until I see that proof I am sticking with the idea that she is alerting a lot of people to what appear to be the real facts about the way this system works against us all and merely makes rich, greedy, power grabbing, non-caring people, far richer and more powerful... but ONLY because WE give that power to them, because so many would be incapable of GOVERNING THEMSELVES, and I only have to walk across my local park field to see that clearly every single day, with the amount of bottles and litter discarded on the spot, only a few feet away from the designated trash bins, I curse every day at the mental attitude and lack of maturity that allows some to do this, it has to come down to the child raising, because myself and others I know where always told to never do this, which is why we DON'T! SO... I'm supporting KATIE at this time and others who are seemingly doing good work, and yes the other argument is that they are priming us for a government overthrow so that the NWO can take the reins, OK this may well be a true fact and if that is the plan then there is not much we can do about it anyway, so, I for one, WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT ALL THE WAY and back those who say the things that I feel myself 💪

CLICK ON ABOVE PICTURE TO VIEW THE DOCUMENTARY ‘The Illusion Of Democracy’ (based on how it works in America, different country, same BULLSHIT!)

Never wanting to leave these POSTS in a negative way, THE GOOD NEWS is that thanks to the last four FRUSTRATING, HARD, SICKENING and DIFFICULT TO WATCH years, more and more and more and starting to clear the eye sleep and realise that we HAVE to take back CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES away from this instigated mayhem, never an easy road to take, BUT an essential one nonetheless for many of us… 

The more SELF-SUFFICIENT each of us can become, in whatever way is possible, the more chance we have of cutting those chains and freeing ourselves! 💪💪💪 

Well never about the MESSENGER but THE MESSAGE!  I think those of us with open minds, who look outside of the well laid down programmed and contrived existence boxes, know full well that there is MASSIVE change afoot, like it or not, it’s inevitable and what the future brings for each one of us, now depends on the choices each one of us makes…  we remember what was said at the start of 2020, essentially that life would NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

Many of course, believe that this is all going to be the dreaded NEW WORLD ORDER, taking total control stuff and that we are, quite frankly… doomed, and if enough don’t see and rise then that quite likely will be so!  Whilst I can see that the last four years has not exactly been encouraging, regarding the behaviour of our fellow man, I have personally seen things that do give me hope, that is never to say that I feel we have in any way an easy journey ahead, far from it, but IT WILL be easier for some than others, those still with their heads in muchos sand, with either no clue as to what we are currently going through, or remaining in a perpetual state of total denial, will not find what is coming in any way easy to accept, whilst those of us who have been preparing for this for what seems like eternity, know without any shadow of doubt, that CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL and HAS TO HAPPEN at this point of our existence, for the current path is far, far, far from the RIGHT one and you only need to look at what is happening to the CHILDREN to see this, and if you cannot see it, well there is not much hope!


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2 thoughts on “Two Heads, Same Snake!”

  1. The Liblabconmen Coalition Party have been trying to bring down the UK for at least the past 50 years.
    The Sheeple do not realise they are voting for the same old, same old, time after time by flip flopping back and forth.
    Time for a massive shake-up and a simple method of Proportional Representation, not the hash-up from last time, which was made deliberately confusing to stop it from going ahead.
    The Warmonger and Traitor to the UK and its indigenous people The Toe Knee BLIAR was at the forefront of the treachery with his devolution and multiculturalism crap at the behest of his Fourth Reich Masters.
    He did what the continentals failed to do, with force of arms over the centuries, bringing the UK to its knees, not just for George Floyd, in a few short years. Unforgivable!!

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